Get $200 off with Our Winter-Spring Discount

Have you been wanting to volunteer with OSSO to help orphans, but you just didn’t know when the best time to go was or if you would really be needed?

Children of Ecuador

Well, the orphans need you now. And we are offering a critical need, winter-spring discount of $200 off program fees for travel dates January 20 to May 9. 

What this means is that we need volunteers these months in Ecuador to be there for the children and help them grow. We need loving hearts and hands to hold the children, feed them, and help change their lives. We offer this special discount rarely and only when we are in critical need of volunteers.

To qualify for this discount you just have to be a long-term volunteer (4 weeks or more) during the dates of January 20 to May 9. Apply now to receive this discount before it’s too late, and before you can talk your way out of having the experience of a lifetime. The orphans need you.

Playing with an orphan

Got questions? Talk to one of our volunteer representatives. These are people who have traveled with OSSO before and who loved their experience helping orphans. They are willing and ready to answer your questions and calm any concerns you might have.

Or, call our office to ask any question too! 208-359-1767.