New Year, New You: Volunteer with Orphan Children in Orphanages Overseas

What do you have on your bucket list for 2017? What New Year's resolutions have you put down? With the start of each new year, there seems to be an endless amount of possibilities for change, especially when it comes to creating a "new you."

But, what if this year you could improve more than just yourself? What if you could improve someone else’s life while improving your own?

Writing resolutions can be difficult because we either come up with outrageous and unattainable goals or because we think there's not much we can achieve. Other times we simply might not know what opportunities are out there to help us become who we want to be.

But, if your resolutions for this year include things like traveling, doing more service, helping others, and having an adventure, then you should apply to volunteer with Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO). You could check off all of the above by doing this one thing.

In fact, here are 15 things you can check off your bucket list this year when you volunteer with OSSO.

  1. Make a difference in an orphan’s life.
  2. Serve more. (OSSO volunteers serve around 40 hours a week! We are all about service.)
  3. Use your passport by traveling overseas.
  4. Experience a new culture.
  5. Go horseback riding through the Andes.
  6. Swing at the edge of the world.
  7. Zip line through the Amazon in Ecuador.
  8. Shop at artisan markets in a new city.
  9. Ride elephants in Thailand.
  10. Meet new people.
  11. Try new foods.
  12. Love more.
  13. Learn another language.
  14. Laugh until your stomach hurts.
  15. Have an unforgettable experience.

You can do all of this just by becoming an orphanage volunteer. You might even "check off" things that were never on your list until you traveled and volunteered with OSSO!

Our volunteers travel to Ecuador or Thailand to serve orphans overseas. You choose when you can go and for how long, giving you the freedom to schedule an orphanage volunteer trip into your busy life.

When you volunteer with Orphanage Support Services Organization you get to experience another culture while serving. You get to travel with a purpose, making traveling that much better.

A typical day for an OSSO volunteer is spent with the orphans. We focus on the orphans as much as we do because we are there to help them reach their potential and that takes time. Our volunteers work in orphanages in the morning, have a lunch break, and then work in different orphanages in the afternoon. After that, they have free time to explore the city, watch a movie with other volunteers, or just relax!

We also give our volunteers one day off a week, along with two separate shifts off. This allows them the freedom to go on those adventures like horseback riding or morning shopping at the flower market.

Volunteer with the children

There is always plenty to do while abroad because of the new cultures to explore and new adventures to have. Still, OSSO's primary focus is the orphans. And that's what makes us different from other organizations.

We never forget that these orphans, whom we have the privilege of interacting with, need volunteers to be there to hold them, feed them, change them, and ultimately help them progress in life.

When you serve the children in our program, you show them love, which helps them grow and develop. You get to plan activities with the children to help them learn their colors. You get to encourage them to walk or crawl.

We at OSSO want to do everything possible to help children living in orphanages and similar institutions reach their potential. Join us.

Make OSSO a part of your bucket list. Write down "orphanage volunteer" on your New Year's resolutions list. Decide today to become a more service-oriented person. Help orphans while also traveling to have an experience of a lifetime.

Get ready to check a lot of things off your bucket list by volunteering with OSSO this year. Sign up now to be an orphanage volunteer and you may qualify to receive our winter-spring discount!