5 Ways You Can Help Orphanage Services This Year

Want to make 2017 about service that counts? Here are five ways you can help OSSO this year and make an impact on the lives of orphans.

1.       Volunteer

Spend time this coming year playing with and caring for the sweet children of Ecuador and Thailand. Visit Ecuador anytime all year round, or visit Thailand during the summer months. Check out our travel dates; then, sign up to volunteer!

If you are unable to volunteer yourself, consider sponsoring someone to go in your place. Others’ hands can be your helping hands. Help another volunteer fund their trip. More than one life will be changed. 

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Check out #OSSOVolunteer on Instagram to see photos from our volunteers. Discover all the fun you can have with OSSO!

2.       Fundraise

If you just don’t have a week to spare to volunteer and you’re unable to sponsor another to go in your place, you can still make a difference. Start a fundraiser for OSSO. The different ways you can fundraise money for the children of OSSO are practically endless.

Child eating food

3.       Donate

Don’t have time to fundraise? Easily make a quick donation to help orphans in Ecuador and Thailand. 

You can feel good about donations made to OSSO because our nonprofit works hard to make the most of every cent donated. You can also get a tax receipt from OSSO since we are a certified non-profit!

4.       Sponsor a Child

Take donations one small step further. Donate every month to support the orphans. We call this sponsoring a child.

You can even set it up automatic recurring donations for hassle-free sponsorship. Once you’ve set up the automatic donations, you can leave it alone, knowing that every month you are helping an orphan.

All sponsors get quarterly letters to learn how the children are doing and how their support is helping them. If this is something that interests you, learn more about sponsoring a child and set up your sponsorship today.

5.       Shop

Volunteer Holing Orphans Hand

This might sound like an odd way to give back this year, but when you shop at OSSO’s store, you help orphans. Our shop’s proceeds go to funding the needs of the children in Ecuador and Thailand.

Easily visit our online store and see all the fun things you can purchase to help an orphan in need. Most of our merchandise is handcrafted from Ecuador.

Another way to shop and do good is by using Amazon Smile. You shop, and Amazon gives at no extra cost to you. Read more about this option in a previous blog post or on our donations web page.

These are five simple ways you can help make a difference in the lives of others this coming year. And, as you focus on service and love throughout the year, you’ll make a difference in your own life.

Help us reach our mission to do everything possible to help children living in orphanages and similar institutions reach their potential. We can’t do it without you!