'You Made Jesus and a Little Girl Very Happy' | No. 11

Several years ago I had the privilege to take a large bag of gifts someone had sent and distribute them to an orphanage of children. 

The kids were all delighted. Each child was also given a small picture by Del Parson of Jesus with the children.

Nancy, a beautiful little girl of about seven years of age, excitedly came up to me. She held up the gift and the picture of Jesus next to her face and asked me to take a picture.

I took her picture but then told her it would be hard for me to get her a copy of the picture.

“That’s okay,” she said, beaming. “It’s not for me.”

“Who’s it for?”

“Give that picture to whoever sent us this neat stuff,” she smiled. “Tell them they made Jesus and a little girl very happy.”

Del Parson Picture of Jesus and Orphaned Children and Volunteers.png

Merry Christmas, and may you also make Jesus and some little child very happy.

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