Not an Orphan but Adopted | No. 6

There is a frequent visitor to the orphanages in Ecuador. His name is Josh. He was not actually an orphan as a child but was adopted. Josh likes to visit because he can relate to the what the kids are going through. He has experienced the very same pain and is a huge comfort to the kids.

He grew up in very humble circumstances. Maritza, his mother, was very young when he was born and extremely beautiful. Her boyfriend, Pepe, was not the father but loved her and married her shortly after she became pregnant so everyone would think he was Josh’s biological father and not his adoptive father. When Maritza found out she was going to have a baby, she was scared and did not know what to do and went to live with relatives out in the country. 

The family was homeless at the time Josh was born. They moved around a bit when he was a baby. There was a lot of political unrest, and they had to leave the country when he was two in order to avoid being killed.

Josh spent a lot of his life homeless. He has held many different jobs — builder, teacher, healer, preacher ... and at least a dozen more job titles — but he has never had much money. He has focused on what he calls, more important things.

One of the reasons I am glad I have gotten involved helping orphans is that it has helped me get to know Josh.  He has changed my life. 

In my opinion, the best reason to work in the orphanages is to get to know Josh better. 

It was a pretty big deal when Josh was born. You probably heard about it. He was born on Christmas or at least that is when we celebrate His birthday. Josh is just one of the names He goes by. Most people around here call Him Jesus.

Christmas Nativity

Like I said, He was not an orphan but He was adopted. You can get to know Him pretty much anywhere, but if you don’t really know Him yet, you may want to try volunteering in the orphanages. He calls those kids “His kids” and he would appreciate any help you can give them.

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