Work Hard, Play Hard

We believe that our volunteers work so hard that they should play hard too. Ecuador offers a variety of AMAZING activities, excursions, field trips and attractions. Here is a list of our top 10 favorite attractions in Ecuador for you to check out:

1. Zip-line through the Andes Mountains.


2. Visit the Inmaculada Concepción Cathedral and Parque Calderón.


3. Taste Ecuador delicacies like cuy.


4. Visit Baños, Ecuador.


5. Swing "at the end of the world."

Swing at the end of the worls.jpg

6. Ride horseback in the Andes Mountains.

Horseback riding.jpg

7. Explore Incan ruins at Ingapirca.

Incan ruins.jpg

8. See the Devil's Cauldron waterfall.

devils cauldron.jpg

9. Hike to Girón waterfalls.

giron waterfall.jpg

10. Fire a Quechua blow dart.


You will have the opportunity to experience several of these activities while you are in Ecuador, depending on how long you serve for. Our main concern and focus will always be the children. But when you have time off or are going on a field trip with the rest of the volunteers, you'll be able to experience the amazing culture of Ecuador and make memories that will last a lifetime!