Volunteer Directors Position

Information for Volunteer Director(s) Position

in Cuenca, Ecuador and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Volunteer Directors will be expected to arrive in Ecuador May of 2019.

Applicants must show a commitment to stay a minimum of 9 months. Individuals or couples will be selected for this position. Spanish and Thai is not required to apply but strong preference will be given to those who do speak it. Note, for the position in Ecuador, at least one of the two individuals must speak fluent Spanish. Thai is not required for Thailand.

If applying as an individual or as a couple, compensation will most likely be sufficient to cover costs pertaining to travel, room and board, and a small living stipend.

While there are no specific educational requirements, those with any of the following background(s) are encouraged to apply:

·         special education

·         training or experience in child development

·         have taught English as a second language

·         recreation management

·         youth leadership

Applicants must be energetic, have strong leadership skills, be able to get along well with people, and have a strong commitment to service. Preference will be given to those who have experience in International travel and volunteering.


Responsibilities of Volunteer Director(s) in Ecuador and Thailand

Your responsibility is to oversee and facilitate the volunteers’ work in orphanages as well as their overall experience. You will also be responsible to keep open communication with office staff to work on program improvements and overall program needs. These duties will be shared between the two Volunteer Directors.

Responsibilities include (but not limited to):

·  Maintain positive orphanage relationships with all staff

·  Administrative tasks such as attending meetings with orphanages to discuss volunteer work and orphanage needs

·  Attend a weekly Skype meeting with office staff to approve weekly budgets, review weekly travel plans, express any concerns, and keep open communication.

·  Communicate with other branches of OSSO via email and/or phone

·  Train and supervise volunteers

·  Ensure the volunteers observe the Code of Conduct

·  Schedule volunteer work with the various orphanages

·  Translate and interpret for volunteers and visitors (where applicable)

·  Manage finances for volunteer and program expenses

·  Keep accurate and up-to-date financial records in Quick Books.

·  Accompany volunteers to medical appointments

·  Purchase food for the volunteer house (Ecuador)

·  Coordinate visitors’ schedules and activities

·  Arrange transportation for the volunteers

·  Airport pick-ups and drop-offs for all volunteers.

·  Coordinate, attend, and supervise OSSO sponsored field trips.

·  Coordinate Spanish class for interested volunteers (Ecuador)

·  Work at the orphanages when there are not enough volunteers and when supervision of volunteers is needed.

Applicants must be committed to living by the OSSO code of Conduct and enforce it among volunteers.

The job will require frequent evening work and extra work on holidays when short-term volunteers often volunteer in the orphanages. It will require some Saturday work and occasional Sunday work, although compensatory time can be taken during the day and during mid-week.  During busy times, the work load may exceed 40 hours per week.

Please complete the online application below. Be aware that as part of the online application you must attach your resume and a letter of intent.

A note from past Ecuador Volunteer Directors, Sasha and Keenan Foster:

"I know that everyone’s experience as director is different, but there are some things that are universal.  This volunteer position shapes part of your life.  It becomes your life for a time and then you can’t imagine the rest of your life without this experience in it. We’re beginning to reflect on the year we’ve had here and the influence we’ve had and the influence everything has had on us.  We refer to the OSSO volunteers that came while we were here as our volunteers.  We literally consider the teens at OSSO and HML and Remar and HPT our friends.  It truly feels that way.  We made life long connections with the orphanages’ staff, our bus driver’s family and people at church and in the community.  Although I personally never thought of Ecuador as a place I would feel for, it is now engraved upon my heart.  It’s now not just another South American country that we might one-day visit.  It’s a home away from home.

This opportunity was perfect for us poor wandering college students. OSSO takes care of you.  We are volunteers and we work hard.  Sometimes we work so hard and so many days in a row that you would do anything for a nap.  When you reflect on it though, there’s nothing you’d rather be doing.  It’s a job that doesn’t ever really feel like a job and offers more perks than any job that you’ll ever have in your life.

When we first applied for this position we couldn’t believe that this type of opportunity existed.  Job experience – volunteer experience – compensation for travel, stay and living – working with children – living in Latin America – speaking Spanish all the time – a change – adventure.  I mean, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into, but we were all for it.  I hope that everyone considers what this opportunity could do for your life.  It was a random and sudden change for us, but it was everything we needed and wanted.  We wondered if it was the right time or the right thing to be doing.  All I know is that the best things that have happened to us in the last few years weren’t planned, they were sudden and adventurous and required us to adjust our lives.

The people you work with from the Rexburg office to the 2-year-olds next door here in Cuenca, will love you and you will love them.  Consider it.  Do it.  There won’t be regrets."