Trinidad, or Trini, as it is known here at OSSO, is an adorable daycare up in the mountains of Cuenca. The children who go to school here come from poor, hardworking families. The kids come here during the day to learn and play and occasionally spend time with our volunteers! None of the children at Trini are orphans or looking for a new home. You will usually go to Trini only once during your time at OSSO, but you may have a chance to go again the longer you stay! An average day at Trini might sound something like this.

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"After about a 30 minute bus ride, part of it through some beautiful mountains, we arrived at this cute little preschool called Trini. We walked inside and immediately were ambushed by a ton of little kids! They grabbed our hands and took us back to their classrooms, all the while asking us questions in rapid fire Spanish. Once we got to their classrooms they begged us to open our activities bags, but after being shushed by their teacher, they calmed down and patiently wait for us, well as patiently as two and three year olds can. Finally the teacher gave us permission to do our activities with the kids. We pulled out books, blocks, bubbles, coloring books, crafts, puzzles and so much more! The kids were so excited! Immediately I had several children in my lap, begging me to read them a story in my broken Spanish. They watched and listened intently as I struggled to get through the story. As soon as I was finished, another kid was pulling me over to help her with a puzzle. We played for a little while longer before it was time to clean up so the kids could have snack. While the kids ate their fruit, the teachers had us sing songs and do silly little dances for the kids. I think that we entertain the teachers more than the kids when we do this! After snack, we went outside and played on the playground. We took turns catching the kids as they went down the slide and pushing them on the swings. When we started blowing bubbles the kids went crazy! They were so excited! All too soon it was time to say goodbye. The kids didn't want us to go and they all ran and hugged us at the same time! It was so cute. We finally were able to free ourselves from their grasps and get back in the bus. I am so glad that the directors took some pictures of us here so that I can have something to remember them by. And so I can have something to post on social media to show my friends and family members what I've been doing here!"

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