Hogar Para Todos


Location: Neighboring city of Azogues


Hogar Para Todos “A Home for All” is the name of this orphanage but we call it HPT.  This orphanage is for children generally ages from infant to early teens.  This home was started by the sweetest women, Nancy.  She opened her own home up to a few children who needed one and her home grew and grew until it became this “home for all”.


What your journal entry may read like after a shift here: Dear Diary, we were a little worried when we arrived because we saw the tias (the workers) picking lice out of the girls’ hair, but the directors said that as long as we keep our hair up and avoid playing with their hair, we’d be fine.  Most the volunteers were pretty worried about it, but I tried really hard not to.  First, we tried to play outside with a big beach ball and the clothing wire as a net.  It started sprinkling so we figured that was a good time to go inside.  We all split up.  It was a little crazy because of how small the main room is and how many kids, but everyone was busy doing something.  Some volunteers brought Phase 10, Set and Uno cards.  The kids love playing cards.  Some of the old girls just wanted to paint nails.  I helped for a little while but the other volunteers can paint nails better than me so I went and started a craft that I brought.  Since it’s Halloween next week I brought things to make little spiders with foam, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.  Maybe I should have watched the hot glue gun because they used up like a million sticks of hot glue.  They loved it though.  Throughout the 2 hours, different kids kept coming up to make spiders and a lot of the kids started getting super creative and making their own little creatures and guys.  Even though my craft seemed a little too simple for the older kids, they seemed to still like it.  I think they just enjoy the entertainment and the company.  I’m so glad we get to come here and spend time with these kids even though they’re a little crazy.

Volunteers with Kids.jpg