A Purpose in my Life

This blog was written by Sasha Foster, our Volunteer Director in Ecuador.

January, February, March, April, June, July, August & September are past.  We’re 8 months into our life here at OSSO.  That means we’ve past our halfway mark.  They’ve switched out the School Supplies section with a Christmas section at Monay Shopping.  People, time is flying by!  When I think about how quickly September went by and how fast Christmas is approaching, I feel a pit in my stomach as the new year approaches. 

I know, it’s absurd to think that it’s almost 2018 already, but it is!  It is when you’re here at OSSO and time seems to slip away from you as you face your reality: when you leave OSSO, you just don’t know when you’ll see your best friends ever again, you don’t know if you’ll ever be back, you do know that you have to walk out that gate, get into that truck taxi and head to the airport.

It is sad, but it’s also motivating.  You have to think: how can I make the best of my time while I have it?


A quick story:
If you knew Cecilia, you know what a sweet soul she is.  She passed away just a month ago.  She achieved so much in her life.  She taught us love, patience and kindness.  She was a light in her sibling’s lives.  She helped get her siblings adopted.  I wish I could open a discussion with all of you on how she may have touched your life, but at least I can share how she touched mine.  When Ceci passed away, I found out in the early morning.  I immediately felt heavy.  As I searched my feelings I found sadness, love, relief and regret.  Such a mix of emotions.  What hit me hardest was regret.  I loved sitting beside Ceci as many before me did reading with her, playing with toys and playdough and carrying her down stairs to be with the other children.  The week that she passed away I felt the desire to do something with her each day.  I didn’t.  I visited her briefly, I played with her once, but I didn’t play every day as I felt I wanted.  What a terrible feeling.  The feeling of regret.  The feeling of unfulfilled love. 

Cecilia served a purpose in my life.  She is my latest and strongest motivation to serve more, to serve better and to serve every day.

How do we serve better?

It’s different for all of us, but here at OSSO, what better way to serve than to teach and play with the children.