7 Things You Should Know About Volunteering with OSSO

This blog is brought to you by alumni, Brooke Johnson

  1. "You’ll never forget this experience. I’m going on 12 years since I volunteered in Ecuador and I STILL think of those kids, pray for them, relive my memories, and count the whole thing as a huge life-altering blessing." Although you may feel 'done' when you get home, we have many options for alumni to continue supporting the children that they love. You can become an orphan advocate, a sponsor, volunteer again at a discounted price or help us spread the word to family and friends. You can continue to help those orphans even years later!

  2. "It’s hard work. But anything that is worth it, will be. To change a life (yours or the children’s) takes effort. But, to make a difference in this world pays off ten fold and is priceless to oneself." We require volunteers to work shifts of 5 hours twice a day. We do allow volunteers two shifts off and one full day off every week to rest, tour the city, etc. The work can be tedious, long and hard work!

  3. "It’s a blast! The getaways are awesome. The country is BEAUTIFUL. The people are amazing and intriguing. And the food is delicious." We offer many different field trips and excursions for our volunteers in between shifts or on their days off. Those volunteers that are long term (4+ weeks) will also be able to go on our 3 day excursion to Banos Ecuador.

  4. "You will wonder how you can leave and really go back to “normal” life. It’s a trip."

  5. "It’s worth every penny. And don’t be afraid to use the fundraiser ideas on the website." Our prices may seem high to some, but we are paying for your room and board, field trips, transportation, your OSSO sweatshirt and a donation that goes directly to the orphans. We have LOTS of ideas on fundraisers and those that choose to do them, are very successful!

  6. "Your eyes will be widened and your heart is going to grow in ways you didn’t expect."

  7. "Those very real kids need you."