Become an Orphan Advocate

Orphanage Support Services Organization is excited to launch a new opportunity for alumni and other supporters to serve the children we care for: The Orphan Advocacy Program.

What is The Orphan Advocacy Program?

Our Orphan Advocacy program is similar to but replacing our Volunteer Representatives Program. This new initiative asks for more action — more advocacy for the orphans' needs.

We know of the power our volunteers, alumni, donors, and supporters have to help these precious children we love. Becoming an orphan advocate will help you to unleash that positive power to create change. As an orphan advocate, you will become part of a community and a campaign that will focus and align your talents and goals with Orphanage Support Services Organization’s mission to help orphans reach their potential.

Who can become an orphan advocate?

Anyone! Orphan advocates are volunteers, alumni, donors, sponsors, or other supporters who want to advocate for the children found in the orphanages OSSO serves. Anyone who wants to make a difference can become an orphan advocate.

Anyone can make a difference for children living in orphanages. Learn how you can create change.

What does an orphan advocate do?

There are a lot of simple and fun ways you can advocate for orphans. Follow our current Orphan Advocacy initiatives below and come up with your own creative ways to help as well.

— Current Orphan Advocacy Initiatives —

Learn how you can help orphans without traveling across the world.
  1. Tell your story whenever you get the chance. Share why you are an orphan advocate both in person and online.
  2. Participate in our #OrphanSunday campaign by creating social media posts weekly that encourage others to learn more, volunteer with, or donate to Orphanage Support Services.
  3. Stay updated with OSSO news and be an active member of the Orphan Advocate community by joining our private Orphan Advocates Facebook group.
  4. Fundraise for OSSO by either hopping on board with one of our fundraisers or by creating your own.
  5. Be available to talk with potential volunteers who might have questions about volunteering with OSSO.
  6. Consistently engage with OSSO's social media posts.
  7. Wear your Orphan Advocate T-shirt (proceeds go to help the children!).*
  8. Donate or become a sponsor to support the children in the orphanages.*

*Optional actions

Get your Orphan Advocate T-Shirt!

Proceeds support orphans in Thailand & Ecuador.

How do I become an orphan advocate?

It's easy! Fill out this form on our website to become an orphan advocate. Even if you were previously a volunteer representative, please fill out this new form so we know you still want to be a part of this campaign.

If you are alumni, it doesn't matter how long it has been since you volunteered with Orphanage Support Services; you will never forget your experiences with the orphans you loved and cared for. You may not be able to return to Ecuador or Thailand, but you can still give the children your heart and your voice. A simple way you can do that is by becoming an Orphan Advocate.

Become an Orphan Advocate

You don't have to travel across the world to make a difference.