Volunteer Quiz

All volunteers are required to pass with 100%. Answers can be found on orphanagesupport.org.

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Orphanage Support Services Organization specializes in *
I understand I am responsible to supervise the youth under 18 who are traveling with me. I understand I am responsible to make sure they understand and abide by the OSSO Code of Conduct. This applies to families as well as youth groups. *
See website home page.
Which country are you accepted for? *
Is Spanish or Thai required? *
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The number one priority of OSSO's code of conduct is to ensure ___________ among _________ and ______________. *
See Rules & Code of Conduct on website.
OSSO's strict Code of Conduct _____________________________________________. *
For this question, you must list 8 specific items.
See Confidentiality Policy under Rules & Code of Conduct.
See Confidentiality Policy under Rules & Code of Conduct.
All children at the orphanage are abandoned orphans waiting to be adopted. *
List at least 3 from the website.
Volunteers are prohibited at any time to be outside orphanage grounds alone. *
See I am a volunteer or FAQs.
Is travel insurance required to travel with OSSO? *
Regardless of price, what do you think would have been the perfect length of service for you? *
Evaluate the following statements. *
Evaluate the following statements.
My parents are glad I am doing this
The cost didn't bother me, and it didn't make me hesitate about coming.
I would have come if the cost were $500 higher.
I found the website helpful and informative.