All volunteers are responsible to coordinate and pay for airfare to Cuenca, Ecuador or Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Upon acceptance, we will send you specific flight instructions and refer you to OSSO's recommended travel agent to help you find the best airfare prices and itinerary.

Please contact our office for specific questions about your travel plans.

Dates of Travel


January 20
February 14
March 14
April 11
May 9
June 13
July 11
September 12
October 10
November 14
December 12


June 13
June 27
July 11
July 25

August 8 will be the last day in Thailand.



June 13 - 26
June 27 - July 10
July 11 - 24

* Youth/Short-Term dates are for both Ecuador and Thailand programs. If we are unable to fill any of the dates listed, we reserve the right to cancel a group. For this reason, do NOT purchase airfare until you have been officially accepted and instructed to purchase airfare.

Thailand Notice

Currently, Thailand allows Americans to stay 30 days in country with a valid U.S. passport. All those wishing to stay beyond 30 days must apply for a tourist visa. OSSO cannot guarantee that a visa will be issued. Volunteers will be responsible for all costs of acquiring the visa and costs associated with a visa being denied such as airfare-change fees, government fees, etc.

If you plan to stay in Thailand for longer than 30 days, please visit this link.