Rex Head, Founder

After adopting two healthy little girls and a young boy with cerebral palsy, my wife and I wanted to do more to help children without parents. We visited and gave assistance in orphanages in several countries, but when visiting girls in an orphanage in Cuenca, Ecuador, I had the feeling that somehow these girls were different. It was like they were my own children. We returned a couple of times as a family and then with a group of volunteers from Ricks College.

In 1999, my wife and I formed a nonprofit organization that began sending groups of volunteers to serve continually, an organization now known as Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO).

Since starting OSSO, we've expanded to serve more than a dozen orphanages in Ecuador thanks to the financial support, volunteer support, and consulting support given graciously.

 Red Head and family

I am now a grandpa of four grandkids; and in addition to the three children my wife and I adopted, we've been blessed with three biological children."

Rodrigo & Lorena Rosero, Orphanage Directors of Los Pequeñitos de OSSO

We started working with OSSO in March 2001. We worked as Project Directors for several years until we became the Directors of Los Pequeñitos de OSSO. As Directors of Los Pequeñitos de OSSO, we serve the children of OSSO by overseeing the employees, finances, and all the needs of the orphanage. We  count on the invaluable help of the Orphanage Coordinator to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. 

We’ve been working at OSSO, we have met over a 1,000 volunteers. We’ve lost count of how many, but we remember them all. The best experiences we’ve had as a family have been during the time we’ve had with OSSO. Half of our marriage has been here, and we’ve learned a lot of things from all the people who have entered our lives. Each person has left a permanent mark in our hearts that has molded our lives. The hard thing about this job though, is having to say goodbye to wonderful people, but at the same time the best part is being able to meet new people full of the spirit of service. As Directors of Los Pequeñitos de OSSO we have learned that it is a blessing to be able to see the world through the eyes of an inocent child. These children are angels and it is a priviledge to have them in our lifes. 

We have two children and a poodle, Cosita. Our oldest daughter, Sammy (23) lives in the USA with her husband, Noah. Our youngest son, Ismael (16) enjoys video games and playing the guitar. We are a close family and love spending time together.

Directors of OSSO
 Orphanage Directors' family

Sasha and Keenan Foster, Volunteer Directors: Cuenca, Ecuador

Ecuador Volunteer Directors

There really isn’t anything we’d rather be doing in the world than wrapping our lives around serving people in Ecuador with OSSO.  It includes all our favorite things: meeting lots of new people, playing with and teaching children, music, speaking Spanish, traveling to new places, and exploring the outdoors.  Keenan has received his associates degree and is working toward a degree in international relations. He grew up in Salt Lake City playing bass in the SLC ska-punk scene and backpacking in Southern Utah. Sasha received her bachelor’s degree in music education and is also endorsed in Spanish education.  She grew up in Snohomish, Washington, which is north of Seattle, riding horses in 4-H and playing trombone in various ensembles. It’s no wonder with our passion for music that we met playing in a jazz combo at BYU-I.  We now claim no place as our home as we have lived in 3 different states during the short time we’ve been married and if we have learned anything in the last couple years, it is that the best things in life are rarely planned.  Our opportunity to be a part of OSSO is one of those.  As soon as we were introduced to this organization, we knew it was something special that we wanted to be part of.  Nothing could be more valuable to us than working with youth and we’re always looking forward to meeting new people whether small or tall and creating memories with them.

Kirstin Winters, Volunteer Director: Chiang Mai, Thailand

I grew up in Mesquite, Nevada where the sun always shines. I earned my Bachelors of Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah in 2014. I have traveled to Guatemala, Cambodia, and Thailand with various volunteer groups. I love adventure and prefer to travel with a purpose, although I will travel to a beach anytime! 

Having volunteered with multiple organizations, I knew OSSO was special. I was instantly drawn to the special needs orphanage in Cuenca and knew that is where my heart belongs. OSSO has given me the opportunity to do what I am passionate about; care for and love disadvantaged youth. Not only the experience to open my heart to these children, but OSSO has given me the opportunity to experience Ecuador. I have enjoyed the many cities, landmarks, and unheard of characteristics of Ecuador that I am in love with. I encourage all to share this experience with me, to fall in love with Ecuador and the beautiful children OSSO cares for!

Kirstin was in Cuenca for 18 months as the volunteer director there and is now directing the summer program of 2017 in Thailand.


Associates & Staff

Mike Lehman
Managing Director and CEO

 Mike Lehman at the orphanage

Kailan Moore
Volunteer Coordinator & Office Administrator


Beth Molifua
Volunteer Coordinator & Office Administrator

Alexandra Crafton
Online Content Manager

 Alexandra Crafton in orphanage