Volunteer director with child in orphanage.

OSSO's Photo/Video Policy*

Our current media policy prohibits volunteers from taking photos or videos of any child at an orphanage.

Due to Thailand and Ecuadorian laws, it is prohibited to take photos/videos of any child at an orphanage. Violating this policy could lead to legal prosecution from the Thailand or Ecuadorian governments. 

All photos and videos Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO) publishes in print or online are not in violation of this policy and these laws because OSSO has been given the right and/or permission to take and use that media. Media we post of children in orphanages does not show the children's faces. Media showing children's faces is not from an orphanage.

We care deeply about the children we serve and their safety along with the safety of our volunteers — this is our number one priority.

*Our policy is subject to change.