Once a Volunteer, Always a Volunteer


Your time in Ecuador or Thailand has come to an end. But a piece of your heart will always remain with the children you served. The orphans have become in a very real sense "your kids." So, how do you keep taking care of, loving, and making a difference for them?

volunteer smiling with the children

There are many ways you can continue to serve and help the kids you fell in love with!

1. Become an orphan advocate.

Apply to become an orphan advocate to continually serve the children even while home.

2. Donate.

Donate money or items to the orphanages. You can set up a monthly or yearly monetary donations that automatically come out of your account for your convenience. Whether you pay $2 or $5 a month or $200 or $500 a year, each dollar goes a long way, helping your kids directly.

3. Fundraise.

Find ways in your local community to help OSSO by asking for donations or by fundraising. When you fundraise for OSSO, not only does it provide funds for the orphans, but it also brings about awareness of our program too. A win-win.

4. Volunteer again.

Start planning your next trip! Long-term alumni automatically get a $500 discount! 

Take a friend who you think would love to serve those children as you did and receive our friend discount. And/or help OSSO get two new sponsors, and return for one week free!

5. Share your story.

Share, share, share! Tell everyone you can about your experience! The more people who know about OSSO, the more volunteers there will be who can help take care of your kids, and the more likely it will be that OSSO will have the funds to continue helping in the Ecuador and Thailand areas.

Share photos and stories online. Create slideshow presentations to share with your classes, church groups, family, and friends. Tell your story in the best way that works for you.

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After loving the orphans of Ecuador or Thailand as if they were their own, many volunteers ask us about adoption. While we are not an adoption agency, we're happy to point volunteers in the right direction if they're serious about growing their families. Click the button above for more details.