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What is the Giving Tree?

OSSO’s Giving Tree is a way for us to incorporate the season of giving to help the orphans we serve. Traditionally, we've decorated a Christmas tree in the office with ornaments of the children’s photos and their needs, encouraging people to donate. This year, we've brought the Giving Tree online to allow anyone, anywhere to participate.

Many wonder, "Where will my $20 go to?" Below is a list of things your donation provides. The Giving Tree shows that no matter what amount you give, you can make a difference. We love this tradition and hope you will too!

Ornaments of Giving Tree Fundraiser

See how you can help...

Helping orphans in need, $5 goes a long way


  • One glass of milk for every child in an orphanage of 35 children
  • One fresh fruit for every child in an orphanage of 80 children for a day
  • Custom wrist splint for a handicapped child
Education for orphans


  • School supplies for two children
  • Enough chicken for a meal for 50 children
  • Underwear for 5 little girls
Power of play for orphans


  • Field trip to the park with 15 children
  • Birthday party with ice cream for a girls’ orphanage
  • One warm blanket for two children
  • One tutor to help children with their homework
Birthdays for orphans


  • 60 pounds of rice
  • Custom brace for a handicapped child
Help a handicapped child


  • Daily anti-spasm medicine for 3 months for a child with severe spasmodic cerebral palsy
Feed an orphan fruit


  • Fruit for a week for 80 children
  • 110 pounds of rice
Feeding an orphan in need


  • 120 pounds of rice
  • Christmas feast for orphanage of 25 children
Christmas feast for orphans


  • Daily fruit for every child in a orphanage of 20 children for one month
Daily fruit for orphans


  • Warm blankets for 6-7 children
Keeping orphans warm


  • School fees for 5 children
School for underprivileged


  • One month's salary for a full-time childcare orphanage worker
care for and adopt an orphan


  • One month's salary for a social worker, who processes the legal paperwork to make several children adoptable

Giving Tree Fundraiser ornaments