Ecuador Volunteers

If you've been accepted to the Ecuador program or if you're already volunteering in Ecuador, check out these resources.



Download your Ecuador packing list.

Packing for Ecuador travels

Volunteer helping children, while smiling.

Activities for kids

Activities are an important part of your volunteering experience in the orphanages. You will be doing an activity with a child every day, so come prepared!

You will typically be assigned to work with groups of about 10 children. However two to three times a week, volunteers will be asked to prepare an activity for the entire orphanage. You will need to plan for about 45 children for the group crafts.

Click the button below and visit our Pinterest for Ecuador activity ideas for orphans.


News and Current Events

Here is what you need to know about the Zika Virus from OSSO's founder and medical doctor, Rex Head.



Exit survey

Wrapping up your time as a volunteer? Take your exit survey and let us know what you thought of your experience.