Why Traveling to Ecuador Changed My Life

This guest blog post is brought to OSSO by recent Ecuador volunteer, Louise Aubin. It has been translated and edited from her original French transcript.

I began volunteering with Orphanage Support Services Organization on September 1, 2016. At the time, I had no idea how the experience would change my life.

From the moment I arrived in Ecuador, my adventure began. I discovered new cultures, new landscapes, and new friends. It is such a rewarding journey.

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It was hard for me to leave my family, but when I arrived in Ecuador, I met other volunteers who soon became my second family. We worked together, traveled together, and laughed together. We spent three days at Baños, and it was really fun. We were able to go zip lining, swim in a waterfall, visit the zoo, walk in the rain forest, and meet a Quechua family!

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But the most wonderful thing was to work with the orphans.

As volunteers, you work with babies, children, and teenagers. And all of them are ready to give you love. Every child is different and wants to get to know you. As time passes, you become more and more attached to each of them. Every day is different, but what does not change is that every day you give love and you receive love in return.

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What made me the happiest was seeing the children smile. To me, this was most important because I believe we are here to bring joy and happiness to the people who surround us.

I am grateful I was able to go to Ecuador. It was the best experience of my life.

My heart is in Ecuador.

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