Where Do My Donations Go?

OSSO's orphanage, Los Pequeñitos de OSSO, is a very special place. Most of the children in OSSO's orphanage are children with special needs; special needs that may require feeding tubes, special medication, wheelchairs, therapies, and expensive medical procedures. There is always a need for donations for the children.  

All children have basic necessities, such as, food, shelter, clothing, and love. Children with disabilities may have additional basic needs, whether that be medication or surgeries. Whether you are a volunteer, a sponsor, or alumni, your donation always goes to support the children's most immediate needs.

Your donation may go towards providing:

  • Nutritious food and dietary supplements
  • Clothing
  • Diapers and wipes
  • School supplies and uniforms 
  • Doctor's visists
  • Medicine
  • Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries
  • Medical equipment (feeding tubes, wheelchairs, etc.)
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Social workers to complete adoption paperwork
  • Activities and field trips for the children

OSSO's mission is to help orphaned and abandoned children reach their full potential. Thanks to generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers, OSSO is able to achieve its mission and provide orphans with basic necessities and so much more. 

Through generous donations, OSSO provided a life-changing surgery for a baby girl at the orphanage. She endured three surgeries, 10 x-rays, a body cast, and a brace, giving her the gift of walking.

Many orphanages would not have detected her diagnosis nor have had the means to give appropriate treatment. If she had not received treatment by a certain age, doctors informed us she would have been crippled for life. 

Thanks to generous donors, OSSO continues to see miracles like this!