What do Volunteer Representatives do?

Are you an OSSO alumni? Did you know you could become a volunteer representative for OSSO and the children you love? If so, you’re probably still wondering, “Well, what exactly does a volunteer representative do?” If that’s you, keep reading. If you already know what a volunteer representative is, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply to become one now!

Orphanage Support Services Organization

Being a volunteer representative for Orphanage Support Services Organization means you can help the little ones you served and loved while being home. Sometimes, traveling back down is just not an option for us alumni, even though we want to so bad. But, let’s focus on what we CAN do. Becoming a volunteer representative is something we can all do, and with the flexibility of it, it makes it even more doable. Our volunteer representatives are the ones we go to first to help OSSO accomplish goals or reach out to others.

Volunteer Director with a child in Ecuador

When applying, we will ask you a few things like when and where you served and where you are currently located. Then you decide which area of OSSO’s goals you are able to help with. These areas include:

Career fairs

Fundraising events

Volunteer recruitment activities

Community and/or university events, service clubs, etc.

Mentorship for future volunteers

We will also ask if you are willing to have your photo and contact info published like these representatives (link to site) on our site!  Making it so  potential volunteers, who might have some concerns, could contact you and ask you questions. This always helps since hearing from someone who has already volunteered helps calm the nerves of potential volunteers,  and their parents.

Volunteer with the children

Another perk of being a volunteer representative is that you will receive updates of what is new with OSSO and our future goals, keeping you up to date with the organization you love.

Don’t think you are limited to what we ask you to do for OSSO. Part of being a volunteer representative is having the freedom to initiate your own fundraisers or events to raise money and awareness for OSSO. The options are endless of ways you can help from your own home. So, apply today to let us know that you want to represent OSSO and help in any way you can.