Volunteer for Free

Want to win a free week with OSSO?! All you have to do is enter and win our summer video competition. Simply... 

1. Make a video of your time with OSSO and post it online.
2. Tag us in it (Facebook: @OSSO99, Instagram: @OSSOVolunteer).
3. Use the hashtag #OSSOVolunteer.
4. Get the most likes/shares!

The person with the most likes/shares wins, so get that video made and posted ASAP! 

Need some video tips?

Here is a list of some of the best smartphone apps to make your video completely from your phone! Never used these apps before? Use this tutorial for using iMovie on your iPhone. If you're not an iPhone user, try the Animoto app and watch its tutorial here. Or, you can always create videos from your computer. A user-friendly resource is Adobe Premiere (get the free trial!). 

Now, start making your video so you can win!

Got a question? Email us at info@orphanagesupport.org or call us at 208-359-1767.

Volunteer in orphanages for free for one week