The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves! - Helen Keller

Ecuador was a life changing experience for me I will forever be grateful for!  I learned to understand this quote while living in Ecuador! That “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves!” - Helen Keller   I became friends with the Nun who I served with daily in the Quito, Ecuador Orphanage.! I loved to play basketball with her, race her up a hill, laugh etc.But things were not always that good with her. The first few weeks of living in Ecuador and serving with her were really hard plus it didn’t help I didn’t know Spanish. :) 

 It was so easy to become negative about her and wonder why I was even there serving when I didn’t feel appreciated by her. One day as I was frustrated and complaining about it to my director rather than him having a pitty party with me about it he taught me the greatest lesson he could teach me! He told me to “kill her with kindness”. That was a big turning point for me! I made it a goal to everyday kill her with kindness and to make her laugh! Often making her laugh meant me making a fool of myself like getting stuck in a kids toy (on accident) etc. but it made her laugh so it was worth it! Things became so much better with her from then on. Sure there were days that were still hard with her but I came to love this lady!!  Rather than trying to change Sor Laura, I changed the way I saw her and how I interacted with her.And by doing so I also felt happier!   

Everyone of us in life has had or either will have someone who we have struggled/struggle with. A friend, parent, spouse, family etc. can be hard to be around and we often think if only that person was this way or that way etc. things would be so much better . 

I want to challenge you to kill that person with kindness! Make them laugh everytime you’re around them! Bring cheer to them and I know it will be a beginning of a happier life for yourself and the person!

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