Location: Neighboring city of Azogues

Remar is an orphanage run by a Christian group. There are various young adults that live there and work there taking care of the children.  They call them tias and tios (aunts & uncles). There are 20-40 children who live here. Remar’s other missions include providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation to poorer people in the area and providing a home for young single mothers. As a result, many of the children living at Remar have alcoholic or drug-addicted parents and some of the older girls have children of their own.

Remar clothes lines.JPG

All of the children have responsibilities and chores that they help out with to keep the house running smoothly. Every other Saturday morning we have the opportunity to visit these kids and sometimes we help them with chores, projects around the house or homework.


What your journal entry may read like after a shift here: Dear Diary, usually we play cards or make a craft with the little kids, but today they were finishing their Saturday chores.  We brought some donations including new dust pans and brooms to help out.  The place seems kind of dirty, but the kids seem content.  Just before we left, they started making crepes with jam.  The girls cooking and the tias there brought us each a crepe.  It was really sweet.  Next week, hopefully it’s not raining so we can go outside and play volleyball or frisbee or something in the yard.