October for Orphans

It's time for October for Orphans and we need your help! Every October we call for alumni, families of alumni, and all supporters of OSSO to increase their efforts in helping the orphans we serve. This started a couple years ago when OSSO faced serious financial struggles and a drop in volunteers. You can fundraise, collect donations, share your experience with others, or donate even a small amount! Any little bit can help the children receive medical care, food, clothing, education, and everything else that a child needs. Read more about how October for Orphans got started here

Volunteer with orphan

We all cannot travel abroad during October, but there are endless ways to serve orphans wherever you may be:

  • Talk about your experience volunteering with friends, family, or coworkers.
  • Post a picture from your time in Ecuador or Thailand and share your experience online.
  • Host an online fundraiser .
  • Start a donation drive at work or in your community and collect donations like diapers and wipes. Call our office to find out what donations are most needed! (208) 359-1767
  • Trick-or-Treat for Orphans. Instead of asking for candy, take a milk jug and ask for change for OSSO. Print labels for milk jugs here!
  • Recruit others to volunteer with OSSO.
  • Become an Orphan Advocate
  • Volunteer! The orphans we serve absolutely need you! Long-term alumni get $500 off when they volunteer again. 
  • Donate any amount! Monthly, yearly, or just one time. 

We are asking everyone to take on the Power of 5 challenge as we celebrate October for Orphans and choose 5 ways to help orphans this month. Choose from this list or come up with your own ideas to raise money or awareness for orphans. Read more about what we've done previously for October for Orphans here!

Call (208-359-1767) or email (info@orphanagesupport.org) our office for more ideas or help!

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