New Year, New You

If you are like me, now that we are a couple weeks into the new year, I image that a few of your New Year's resolutions have been forgotten or broken and you are left wishing that there was something you could do to still feel like a new you. Well look no further because I have just the thing!

Did you know that giving of your time and money can actually increase your happiness? I know, crazy! But a group called Social Capital Community Benchmark did a survey to demonstrate this. The results were, that in 2000, the people that donated money/time to charities were 43 percent more likely to click that they were "very happy" on the survey than those who didn't donate! Now I don't know about you but I want to be happy! So what can we do? Well the "new you" in this new year can donate your time and/or money to an incredible organization called Orphanage Support Services Organization or OSSO.

new year new you pic.jpg

OSSO is a non-profit organization run out of Rexburg, Idaho that sends volunteers and monetary support to orphanages in Ecuador and Thailand. If you volunteer with them, you get to work hands on with incredible children that you will grow to love with all your heart. But that's not all! Not only do you get to watch your life be changed by these loving children, you also get to adventure! And by adventure I mean riding elephants and petting tigers ect. in Thailand! Or zip lining through the jungle and horseback riding through the Andes mountains ect. in Ecuador! I know what you're thinking, "Where do I sign up?" Well visit their website at and apply today!

This is a new year and a new you. Do something worthwhile with it and volunteer with OSSO today!