International Accommodations

Where you stay matters to us. We don't just put you wherever we find a spot... and you don't sleep on floors; so no need to bring sleeping bags or anything. We've got you!

Below we have photos of our volunteer house in Cuenca, Ecuador. Or if you're more into videos you can check out our video tour on Instagram. Our volunteer house has running water, internet, purified drinking water, and a kitchen stocked with groceries. Volunteers are welcome to eat out and prepare their own meals, but we also have a cook who prepares lunch 6 days a week for you. Find out more about what you can do in Ecuador here


If you volunteer in Thailand, you will stay in a safe and comfortable hotel with the volunteer directors and other volunteers. Below we have photos of the hotel we previously stayed at in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We can't say for sure that we will stay in this exact same hotel next summer, but it will be something similar. We don't have a cook in Thailand, but the volunteers and volunteer directors eat at safe and delicious restaurants. Find out more about what you can do in Thailand here.

Safety is our number one priority so no matter where you decide to go, Thailand or Ecuador, you will have volunteer directors to look out for you and help you in any way needed.

Call our office (208) 359-1767 or visit our FAQ page if you have any questions!