How will YOU serve the orphans in October?

December of last year, OSSO faced serious financial struggles and a drop in volunteer numbers. The program had never struggled more, and feared closure of the volunteer program and orphanage in Cuenca. One step at a time, we have seen miracles that have kept the program and orphanage going.

We invite you to be a part of the miracle that support OSSO “to do everything possible to help children living in orphanages and similar institutions to reach their full potential” (see mission statement).

We are asking everyone to take on the Power of 5 challenge as we celebrate October for Orphans. The handprint logo is our reminder to choose 5 ways to serve and support orphans. We all cannot travel abroad during October, but there are endless ways to serve orphans wherever you may be:

  • Ask 5 people to donate to OSSO.
  • Share your personal volunteer experience with 5 others.
  • Invite 5 people to join in #October4Orphans.
  • Give your children a list of chores and donate $5 to the orphans for every chore they complete.
  • Encourage 5 people to volunteer with OSSO.
  • Calculate how much you make in 5 hours, and donate that amount to the orphans.
  • Partner with a local business to hold a fundraising event for the orphans. Most franchises already have fundraising plans set up! (Krispy Kreme,Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-A)
  • Forego your birthday presents, and ask for donations for the orphans this Birthday.
  • Team up with your neighborhood to hold a “Clutter for a Cause” garage sale and donate the profit to the orphanages.
  • Hold a bake sale for the orphans at your local church congregation.
  • Get your local school to participate in a fundraiser like “Jar Wars”, “Shave-it-or-Save-it”, or a “Color for a Cause”.
  • Print these labels to put on milk jugs and place in local businesses to collect milk money for the orphans.
  • Help children prepare a Lemonade Stand and donate the proceeds for the orphans.
  • Challenge your children to fundraise and donate to the orphans. Make them a deal you will match their donations, and make it fun family competition.

 We invite all alumni, donors, sponsors, and supporters of OSSO to help us as we Raise Funds, Raise Awareness, and Raise Hope for orphans this October.

Please share your experiences supporting #October for Orphans. Tag us on Facebook @Osso Volunteer, or #ossovolunteer on Instagram. We look forward to your inspiring stories and support!