OSSO's Giving Tree

This time of year there are many trees around. Trees covered in snow, trees decorated with lights, and trees that help people. So what makes OSSO's Giving Tree special? Let us tell you how ...

Gifts that Give Fundraiser

With OSSO's orphanages being in Ecuador and Thailand, shipping packages of clothes, food, and goods is not the best way to get generous donations down to our orphans due to expensive shipping costs and the unpredictability of international mail. So, what we often do is send donations with our volunteers or leaders in their luggage. This way, we know donations get to their destinations and benefit the orphans. 

Sometimes, though, physical donations don't get to the children fast enough. However, donations of money can meet the orphans' needs immediately.

It's been a long-time tradition for OSSO to have a Christmas tree set up in the office that we call the Giving Tree. This tree has ornaments showing different donation amounts that would buy the children, food, blankets, medicine, etc.

But we wanted to make participating in our Giving Tree tradition open to everyone who wants to help this holiday season. So we thought, why not debut our Giving Tree online?

Now, you can visit our virtual Giving Tree on our site, choose an ornament that has the price amount you would like to donate, and ... done! It's a simple way to give this Christmas season that also makes a great impact on the orphans we care for.

Often, what the orphans need most are basic necessities: funding for medication, food, or schooling. Your donations meet these basic needs for the children OSSO cares for. 

Giving Tree Fundraiser

If you would like to continue giving all year round, sign up to be a sponsor!

We are grateful for the support we have been given. Every donation helps us care for and support the orphans we love. Without your generosity, the children would not have what they have now.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!