Don't Limit your Creativity!

This blog was written by Sasha Foster, our Volunteer Director in Ecuador.

Do any of you recognize any of these things from your time here at OSSO? I wish we could save everything. We have such creative volunteers! I suppose my message now is mostly for those future volunteers coming down.  Have activity ideas, don’t limit your creativity and work together!

This week we’re doing a challenge here at OSSO.  There’s this box:

Crafts for children

… and it’s full of bags of supplies.  Each bag has a different combination of supplies and is marked with 2 points, 3 points or 4 points on the top.  The points are based on how difficult it may be to think of an idea including those exact items.  Each volunteer can pull out only 1 bag at a time.  When they successfully use most or all of the items in the bag for a single activity, they receive the points marked on the bag.

Bring ideas, use Pinterest, talk with your friends.  These creative ideas with the energy you bring are what brighten up these kid’s lives each day.

Want some cool ideas?  Look no further! (Except for maybe Pinterest)