Can I take photos and videos of the children at the orphanage?

When thinking about taking and posting photos and videos of the children in the orphanages, it is helpful to ask yourself, "If these were my children, would I want hundreds of people photographing them daily and posting their photos all over social media?" Asking yourself this question will help you better respect the children as well as their past, present, and/or future families.


We do not want our volunteers to feel like they cannot photograph their experience with us. This is not the case! We love when OSSO volunteers photograph or take videos of all the fun adventures and outings they have with our program. Posting these photos and videos helps spread the word about OSSO, helping us recruit more volunteers to care for the children we love.

Please always feel free to share any photo or video OSSO publishes online as well as any photos or videos of your own. While we understand it can be difficult not being able to photograph the sweet children you work with, please understand our photo policy is in place for the safety and wellbeing of the children.

Call or email the OSSO office at any time, and we will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.