Turn your dreams into realities

We get it. Your wanderlust and love for humanity are spilling over. You just need a place where you can put those qualities to use and turn your dreams into reality.

OSSO is the pathway to creating the life you've always dreamed of. 

With Orphanage Support Services Organization, you'll volunteer to experience life, love children, and seek adventure. You will take care of, play with, teach, and feed orphans in need. You will explore different cultures, hike through rainforests, meet new animal friends, and discover what you're made of. 

You will come home changed for good. You will never be the same. And you will be forever inspired to find ways to continue helping those in need and satisfying your love for travel.

Become an OSSO volunteer. Hold a hand, change a life.

Learn more about what it means to be a volunteer here

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If you're all set to apply, simply click on the application below that applies to you. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of being an OSSO volunteer, scroll on down, click any of the links below, or visit our FAQs.

Types of Volunteers | Program Costs | Travel Dates + Airfare

Start Your Application

What is application the process?

All volunteers and visitors must complete an application in order to visit the orphanages. Please note all applicants will have a background check completed by OSSO's office before being accepted. Read and follow the application steps below.

Application Steps

  1. Read our Terms and Conditions and Rules and Code of Conduct carefully before completing your application.

  2. Complete and submit application.

  3. *Pay the $190 application fee.

  4. Email an application photo to info@orphanagesupport.org. (The photo does not need to be a professional photo but simply something we can use to recognize you.)

  5. The office will contact you to confirm we received your application, and ask when you want to volunteer.

  6. Wait while we contact your references and do a background check.

  7. Interview with OSSO over the phone.

  8. Take the volunteer quiz.

  9. Become an OSSO volunteer!

*The $190 non-refundable application fee is used to process your application. If you're applying as a family, you only have to pay one application fee for the entire family; you won't need to pay $190 for each person.

*Those applying with a family application must be dependents living in the same household.

Already sent in your application? Check out our Volunteer Checklist to figure out what you need to do next.

Have questions more about the experience? Scroll down, read our FAQs, or contact our office at 208-359-1767.