Generous alumni have used their personal businesses to help OSSO. Shop their stores today and get inspired to follow their lead. If you'd like to use your personal business to contribute to OSSO, contact us and we'll answer your questions and help you get started.

Savanna Allred, a recent OSSO alumni in Cuenca, has decided to use her new business to give back to the children who changed her life. 

Says Allred, "After serving the children living in the OSSO orphanage in Cuenca, Ecuador, I could not stop thinking about the angels I met there. Upon my return home I yearned to help in some way but simply could not find an efficient way to contribute. The least I could do to give back to the children who permanently changed my life was to create a community where everyone could easily help. This is the perfect way to easily make a difference. Tossd Salt Spray will donate $1 to the OSSO orphanage in Cuenca, Ecuador with every purchase." 

We are grateful for volunteers like Savanna who gave their heart to the children of Ecuador, and continue to find ways to serve from home.

Click the logo to visit her shop and help change a child's life one dollar at a time. 

Chelsea Hamblin is an OSSO alumni who is now married with two boys. She opened her etsy shop in November of 2014 and generously donates a portion of her proceeds to OSSO. 

When asked why she decided to donate to OSSO, she replied, "I started an Etsy shop November 2014 because I love sewing and I wanted to do something that allowed me to continue to stay home with my boys. I decided to donate 5% of my profits to OSSO shortly after opening my shop. Why OSSO? I was a volunteer in Cuenca, Ecuador at the beginning of 2008. I was able to see first hand the good that this organization does for the children. It is a great cause and I strongly believe in and support their efforts to help the children living orphanages. I wanted to do anything I could to give back because my personal experience with them was so great."

We are grateful for Chelsea's talents she uses to bless the children and orphanages.

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